About the podcast

May 25, 2016

Living the Life of the Mind... is about philosophy and philosophers. Its creators are interested in taking philosophers down from their pedestals and dragging charlatans up from their caves to discuss philosophy as a normal, fun subject. They are not interested in professionalism, or in adequate preparation. Take a peek at our features:

Portrait of a Philosopher

The rock on which this towering edifice is built. We profile a famous philosopher (dead, because otherwise LIBEL), telling you some important and almost definitely not made up facts about their life and introducing you to their philosophical ideas in an accessible way. These are accompanied by our beautiful portraits, all of which start life as legitimate representations of their subjects before being defaced, defaced, and defaced again.

Peripathetic Problems

A philosophical agony aunt column. What are your ethical dilemmas, your metaphysical quandaries, your doubts about the discipline? Write in and we'll answer all of them: the more peripathetic, the better.

A View from a Philosopher

As philosophers, we are of course entitled to share our expertise as long as it isn't excluded from the subject. And since philosophy has no subject matter, we can talk about whatever we want: films, TV shows, albums, games, operas... all can, and will, be mined for philosophical content.


Ever wondered who would win in a fight, Plato or Aristotle? So have we. We select a pair of philosophers with some legitimate philosophical beef, pick sides, and determine who would be the victor. The outcome is eventually decided by the totally fair (and beautiful) process of collaborative storytelling.

You Can Prove Anything With Facts

Websites' comments sections have some absolutely tip-top bigotry, but sadly far less philosophical material, no matter how hard they try. We trawl the depths of what people have said about philosophy from behind the shield of an avatar.

This Is Not What a Philosopher Looks Like

It would be easier to get people to respect philosophy if CERTAIN people weren't around, making it seem like philosophers exclusively talk crap. We solve that problem, not by murdering those people, but by showing them up for their empty mouth-flapping antics.

That's Where I'd Put My Eggs!

As the title (apparently) shows, a turn of phrase, or any idea, can be useful and informative even if it's based on a huge misunderstanding. We consider how to turn confusions, typos, and jokes into fruitful philosophical ideas.