Episode 23 - While Wading Through the Five Stages of Grief

February 18, 2017

In Episode 23 of Living the Life of the Mind... While Wading Through The Five Stages of Grief, the team work through their feelings about Episode 22 (the lost episode) by pondeirng over the ethical nature of tatooing animals, before getting to the meat and potatoes of the episode and discussing:

  • Frantz Fanon (Portrait of a Philosopher)
  • NEW philosophy game You Can Prove Anything with Alternative Facts - can Karl spot the real philosophy quotes from the fake ones?
  • Sci-Fi senstation Arrival in View from a Philosopher.

Episode 22 - Despite SAD Media Lies!!!

February 4, 2017

Episode 22: The Alternative Facts

Episode 22 was a great episode. It was probably the best episode, like the kind of episodes you used to get. Everyone who listened said it was brilliant, especially the people in Bowling Green, until they all got massacred. We gave the best proofs, we analysed literally everything, and we had a delicious lunch that we made somebody else pay for. You can hear how great the episode is, and if you think this isn't a real episode or that it's just a load of jingles, it's probably because CHINA told you so.

Episode 22: The Factual Facts

Okay, so we ACTUALLY recorded an episode with an alternative facts theme and it was pretty fun, although it did make us rather angry. But then Producer Robin had a tech-catastrophe that erased all traces of the episode from existence. We didn't want to put nothing out after all that work, so here's a philosophy jingle mega-mix!


Episode 21 - With Amateur Production Skills

January 21, 2017

In episode 21, Living the Life of the Mind...With Amateur Production Skills, the team (well, two thirds of them) discuss:

  • 'Rude-boy' Rudolf Carnap (Portrait of a Philosopher);
  • New year's resolutions (View From a Philosopher);
  • The internet's roar of anguish at the School of Oriental and African Studies daring to suggest a greater focus on oriental and African philosophers (You Can Prove Anything With Facts).

Episode 20 - At Christmas!

December 24, 2016

In episode 20, Living the Life of the Mind...At Christmas!, we have some special festive action!

  • Six previous champions team up to see who's the toughest of the tough (Philosofights Royal Rumble Round 1);
  • A festive break as we share with you philosophical Christmas songs AND a philosophical Hanukkah song (Nameless Horror);
  • The survivors battle it out because only one philosopher can be heavyweight champion of the world (Philosofights Royal Rumble Round 2).

Episode 19 - ON FIRE

December 10, 2016

In episode 19, Living the Life of the Mind...ON FIRE, the team discuss:

  • How to pronounce Paulo Freire's name (Portrait of a Philosopher);
  • Sexy philosophy and sexy stoics (Peripathetic Problems);
  • Flux - not the bloody variety - with a resurrected Heraclitus (Honey, I Reanimated the Philosophers).

Episode 18 - IN A BOX

November 26, 2016

In episode 18, Living the Life of the Mind...IN A BOX (callbacks!), the team discuss:

  • Ruth Barcan Marcus, philosopher and excuse for weak modal logic puns (Portrait of a Philosopher);
  • Whether our tendency to make stupid jokes disqualifies us from being #SeriousAcademics (That's Where I'd Put My Eggs);
  • A fight between the giants Adorno and Heidegger but DON'T MENTION THE WAR (Philosofights).

Episode 17 - Because I’m Not WOKAAAY

November 12, 2016

In episode 17, Living the Life of the Mind...Because I'm Not WOKAAAY, the team discuss:

  • Stroppy adolescent Ubermensch Friedrich Nietzsche (Portrait of a Philosopher);
  • A text that questions the division of the physical and mathematical realms (That's Where I'd Put My Eggs); 
  • Who's better at writing songs, humans or robots (View From a Philosopher); 
  • How to deal with people who haven't been refined/corrupted by philosophy (How to Survive...).

N.B. Our portrait of Nietzsche is in the second-class post and should be with you soon.


Episode 16 - Because Maybe the Balls are Alive

October 29, 2016

 In episode 16, Living the Life of the Mind...Because Maybe the Balls are Alive, the team discuss:

  • The explanation of #maybetheballsarealive (sort of), with John Locke (Portrait of a Philosopher);
  • Elitism and low culture (You Can Prove Anything With Facts);
  • A mostly bleeped enquiry into bad behaviour at conferences (Peripathetic Problems);
  • The great language battle, Derrida vs. Quine (Philosofights).


October 15, 2016

In episode 15, Living the Life of the Mind...AS A COVER FOR BIGOTRY AND EXPLOITATION, the team discuss:

  • Jean-Paul Sartre, LOOSELY inspired by certain horror films (Portrait of a Philosopher);
  • A leaked letter that dwarfs that whole US Presidency thing (Peripathetic Problems);
  • All-round disgrace to his faith, his subject, and his MOMMA, Richard Swinburne (This Is Not What a Philosopher Looks Like).


October 1, 2016

In episode 14, Living the Life of the Mind...BECAUSE YOU'RE WORTH IT, the team discuss:

  • How the cookie crumbled for G. W. Leibniz (Portrait of a Philosopher);
  • The realest of real questions (Peripathetic Problems);
  • The kind of philosophy that you can express via billboards (You Can Prove Anything With Facts);
  • Which is greater, Geist or Wille zum Leben (Philosofights).